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Pulis na Walang-Awang Pumaslang sa Mag-Ina, Naghain ng ‘Not Guilty’ sa Kabila ng Malakas na Ebidensya

On December 20, a quiet neighborhood in Paniqui, Tarlac, was disturbed with a tragic incident that took the lives of a mother and her son. Sonia Gregorio, aged 55, and her son Frank Anthony, aged 25, was killed in a ruthless shooting by their neighbor cop, Police Staff Sgt. Jonel Nuezca. The grim shooting started as a heated confrontation, which eventually escalated when Nuezca took out his service firearm.

The cop fired four shots in the head of the victims, instantly killing Sonia and Anthony. Shortly after the shooting, Nuezca tried to escape, but he eventually surrendered in a police station. The entire incident went viral on social media after a footage of the shooting spread like wildfire on Facebook.

In the video, Nuezca can be seen shooting the mother and her son in broad daylight, despite the presence of other people around them. The family hoped that this footage will serve as irrefutable evidence of Nuezca’s crime. However, despite the overwhelming evidence against him, Nuezca still pleaded ‘not guilty.’

The cop killer, who has since been suspended, is currently detained at the BJMP facility. He was charged with two counts of murder.

Due to the current restrictions, Nuezca’s charges were officially announced through a video conference. But according to an update from Raffy Tulfo’s program, he pleaded ‘not guilty’ to these charges.

“Ngayong umaga kinonduct po ng court with presiding judge Asuncion, brach 57 ng RTC Paniqui, Tarlac ang arraignment at preliminary conference sa kaso,” says Atty. Freddie Villamor, who is the private legal representative of the Gregorio family. He was recommended by Tulfo himself, who is also eager to help the victim’s family in attaining justice.

On the other hand, according to reports, Nuezca will be staying in quarantine in the BJMP Detention Center for 21 days. After that, he is expected to attend his hearing on February 4, where he will face Frank Gregorio, the husband of Sonia and father of Anthony.

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