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Pamilya ni Dacera, Nais Ipasibak ang Medical Examiner na Nag-Embalsamo sa Katawan Niya Kahit Walang Permiso!

The unfortunate passing of flight attendant Christine Angelica Dacera is still shrouded in mystery. Her family demand answers to many questions, including whether or not Dacera was sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, the investigation was hampered because Dacera’s body was embalmed first before going through autopsy. This “irregular and inaccurate” preparation enraged the Dacera family.

Jose Nestor and Sharon Dacera filed an administrative case against the medical coroner who embalmed Dacera’s body without the family’s permission.

According to the complaint, PMaj Michael Nick Sarmiento has embalmed the 23-year-old flight attendant’s body despite not doing a medico-legal examination first.

“Elementary common sense requires that a medico-legal examination be first conducted on a cadaver before you embalm it. The prior removal of several organs, draining of the deceased’s blood and injection of chemicals may destroy any evidence relevant to the examination’s supposed findings,” reads the statement.

According to some law enforcement authorities, the truth about Dacera’s death would have been uncovered easily if only her body was not embalmed quickly.

Usually, in cases where foul play is suspected, the victim’s body undergo autopsy first, to determine any forensic evidence that may point towards the cause of death. This includes taking swabs for possible sexual assault.

Unfortunately, in Dacera’s case, her body was embalmed before going through autopsy. Because of this, all of the possible evidence were already gone, since Dacera’s body had already been cleaned. This includes all DNA evidence will can possibly point out whether or not Dacera was sexually assaulted on the night she died.

On the other hand, several of the suspects surfaced to proclaim their innocence. According to Valentine Rosales, no sexual assault happened that night.

They also denied allegations that the group consumed illegal drugs, which may have caused Dacera’s uncontrollable behavior, as seen on the CCTV.

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