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Can You Still Recall Hero Angeles? Here’s His Life Now After Leaving Showbiz

Do you still remember Hero Angeles? Here is his life now after he decided to leave showbiz.

Hero Angeles had his first stepping stone when he joined the GMA-7 talent search Star Circle Quest. Since then, he was given various movies and projects.

If you can still recall, Hero was paired with Sandara Park, who then was dubbed as Pambansang Krung-krung.

Their love team was popular back then because of their natural chemistry. However, both of them pursue their own endeavors.

Actually, two of their movies together were successful, the Bcuz of You and Can This Be Love? movies.

Hero, who was part of the most hottest stars back in 2004, is now living his life now away from the limelight.

It is safe to say that this former actor was one of the crushies of 2000’s babies. Given his charismatic look not to mention his dimples, Hero was indeed a sought after star.

He was last seen in National Television during his appearance in some GMA teleseryes including Dyesebel, at Luna Mystika.

If you are wondering why Hero was not that popular now compared to the past, is that because he chose to pursue his passion.

That is to become a painter. Hero invested his time in painting and chose this over his successful career.

Meanwhile, Sandara is now a successful K-Pop idol im South Korea.

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