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Bianca Umali’s latest photo on Instagram elicits mixed reactions from netizens

Bianca Umali’s post that aims to encourage women to embrace their beauty became the talk of the town.

The positive message is there — empowering women about their uniqueness and inspiring them to confidently flaunt their beauty.

Bianca Umali recently showed to the public how sweet she and Ruru Madrid are to each other.

The gorgeous celebrity did not write any word as a caption of the much-talked-about picture.

It showed in the cute post that the cheek of the actress was touching the forehead of her handsome real-life partner. Their smile in the said photo also stunned a lot of social media users.

However, Bianca’s latest photo posted on Instagram caught the attention of many netizens.

In the photo, Bianca is wearing red lipstick as she promoting a cosmetic brand.

She’s on her fierce look, showing her fantastic collar bones.

But what netizens noticed is what she really looks like in the said photo.

Meanwhile, a netizen posted on Facebook a long rant about Bianca’s look.

Left is from July, last year and the right pic is posted yesterday. If you’ll stalk her IG, Bianca has been focusing more on having a fit body. When you work out, you only do not lose body fat but also your face will get skinny. If you’ll notice on the second pic, her collar bones are more visible and her jaw is more defined and that’s probably because she’s been working out lately, not because “nil*spag” sya.

The said post is for Bianca’s basher who left a negative comment on her IG photo.

Here are some:

Bat ang haggard

Bat parang ang tanda mo na… 🤭

Luh? Nasobrahan na? Natuyot na ata.

Pinagod ata siya ni Ruru.

Over used k gorl 😂😂

What can you say about this?

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